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Tenteks  Tente  started to production of activities in 1989 with the awnings. Our company  has 30 years of experience and knowledge with the indispensable high quality standards rule as established, high quality, long period and elagance designs to convert the product  continues.

Our activities while in the country continues to export Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf states, including exports to various countries of the world invested very soon and the fruits have been taken. Perception of superior customer satisfaction, professional management team, experienced marketing department, effective customer relationship management with customer satisfaction at the highest level to reach the aim of our company, in this way, the commercial environment is constantly expanding.

Technical sales channels, while providing the relevant service, experienced manufacturing and installation teams with a lot of talking with its name Tenteks Tente .

Company Profile

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    Quality and customer satisfaction are our basic principles. Tenteks applies the continuity policy in the quality of its manufactured awning systems. We produce quality awning models using the first class materials and the first class workmanship. We are continuing awning production with our experienced and gentle employees and we make you your home and work places become pleasure to you.
    We are happy to work with 100% customer satisfaction-oriented and long-lasting products and applications at a more affordable cost, as well as contributing to our customers’ and country’s economy.

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    Tenteks Tente established in the years of 1980’s . Since first day to present our principal is the best quality and continous customer satisfaction and with over 25 years of experience, we continue to work and invest in our business.

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    Quality Approach

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