RTS 1400

Motorized awning is a robuts system then can be used in all weather conditions and works with a special tensioning system. Their structures are long – lasting and are adabtable to all kinds of spaces.

Motorized awnings can be used in outer spaces of cafes and restaurants, in garden and terraces of residences in all seasons. Motorized awning systems protect from the summer heat and sun’s harmful rays, the winter rain and the impact of adverse weather conditions due to its three-layer fabric. Rails and moving parts do not make sound and are not required maintenance. Motorized awning system which is controlled by remote control is very practical due to its recractable feature.

Closed spaces can be created by applying various covering systems around motorized awning systems. So, while your spaces become open environments in summer heats; they become closed spaces in difficult weather conditions in winter and it is an awning model that offers ou outer space fun for 4 seasons.

Automatic awning motor Somfy French and German for the motion ,the remote control can be controlled. Hi-tech controls, thanks to digital, you can track your movement on the screen, you can specify that when opening and closing your awning will be .

Central connected in parallel without the use of relays operating system integrated wireless control feature to the property .

Anti-jam feature automatically stops the system when any obstacle is encountered. This is a security feature, is not a definite technical problem. High torque (120Nm) awning with lift provides maximum features in the product. many levels without confusing with other radio frequency (868 MHz), channel selection simple and easy-to-use feature that provides control system. (r20/17 psf)

Becker and Somfy motors that provides full automation of a wind sensor, sun sensor, a radio receiver with dimmer (LED light dimming) and other products are also available. You may have your awning with this optional full automation products.

If the weather too hot by the button on the remote to easily open your awning. Whether you want to turn down with a single button on your controller, open or close. You will be manage with intelligent control units against all weather conditions: the wind, or the sudden rainy , the awning automatically knows what needs to be done . With the features, your system will not be taken any damages in difficult weather conditions the awning.

B-Tronic to the tablet it is very easy. B-Tronic awnings your home and your workplace with the tablet, Becker, automatic shutters, curtains, automatic Becker all outlets receiver, receiver Becker all your lights, all KNX based home appliances (air conditioner, boiler, etc.) from anywhere you have the internet, mobile, tablet or laptop you may manage the opening and closing.

  • (C) Wide

    1-Modül | 150cm → 400cm
    2-Modül | 401cm → 800cm
    3-Modül | 801cm → 900cm
    3-Modül | 901cm → 1100cm
  • (A) Expansion

    1-Modül | 100cm → 800cm
    2-Modül | 100cm → 800cm
    3-Modül | 100cm → 650cm
    3-Modül | 100cm → 500cm
  • (Y) Height

    1-Modül | 230cm
    2-Modül | 230cm
    3-Modül | 230cm

Technical Details

RTS1400 Rail Profile

Our RTS1400 series rail profile is 140 mm x 100 mm. This profile is 6250 gr per meter.

The raw material of our high alloyed extrusion profiles is T5 6063 aluminum.

The rail profile has the strength to be used up to 8 meters without any steel or tension reinforcement.

Rain gutter profile

RTS1400 series rain gutter profile is 160mm x 170mm. This profile is 5800 gr perm eter.

T5 6063 aluminum is the raw material of our high alloy extrusion profiles.

This profile collects rainwater and discharges water with the posts attached to the lower part. In addition, as the front girder strength is an element that gives strength.

Channels on the profile provide ease of application of the system.

Pre-stitch profile

Our RTS1400 series pre-stitch profile is 125mm x 125mm. This profile is 4350gr per meter.

The raw material of our high alloyed extrusion profiles is T5 6063 aluminum.

It is mounted on the channels at the bottom of the rain gutter profile and drains rainwater to ground level.

The channels inside the strut profile help to disassemble the system and are also designed to hide the screw density.

Stretching profile

Our profile awning  stretching fabric 1800 gr per meter. This profile is used in the front and rear part of the fabric awning and awning fabric and maximum power from their strength with the power of our motor without it allows it to be moved to the front and rear lifts. We also profile 1000gr per meter. These profiles according to the project to increase the power of the system by using carrier specific intervals. Our profile raw material is high alloy profile T5 6063.

Beam profile and glass recording profile

RTS1400 series beam profile is 135mm x 30mm. This profile is 1745gr per meter.

The glass recording profile is 150mm x 50mm. This profile is 2150gr per meter.

The other glass recording profile is 120mm x 60mm. This profile is 1900gr per meter.

T5 6063 aluminum is the raw material of our high alloy extrusion profile.

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